Sunday, 18 January 2015

ADED 1P32 First Blog Post- Week 1 Intro

Hey everyone!

My name is Matt van Bolhuis, and you guys are reading my very first blog post. Blogging will be a brand new experience for me, and I guess I enter it with a certain amount of apprehension but also a lot of curiosity. This class will be a really unique experience for me, as I've already had to try out a number of new things. First was Pintrest, and second was this blog. I imagine that the new experiences will keep on coming! As far as my activity on the various social media sites goes, you could say I'm a bit of a late bloomer. I have Facebook, but no Twitter and no Instagram. And I've survived so far! So I'll be a rookie when more social media tasks come in for this course, but I'm sure I'll adapt quickly. As for what I'm hoping this course teaches me, well, I guess I'm just in it to learn as much as I can about the online world. Knowing proper procedure, practices, and just having a general knowledge of the tools and "rules" will be invaluable in the future working world. Technology already has taken over in almost every business and organizational setting, and that process will just continue to evolve when the next generation of tools arrives. Keeping up to speed with those changes will be very important, and I think this course is a great place to start!

I guess I'll just share a little about myself. This is my third year here at Brock, and I cannot believe how fast University goes. My field of study is Sport Management, and with that comes the opportunity to complete an internship in 4th year, so after this year I only have one more actual semester of study here at Brock. It's both exciting and terrifying to think that in a little over a year I will be out hunting for a job. Growing up is fun and rewarding, but part of me wants it to slow down. Oh well. Such is life I guess. 

Obviously being in Sport Management, sports are definitely a major passion of mine. Hockey is my favourite, but I've also played volleyball and basketball at various levels growing up, with some golf on the side. I can get excited and competitive with just about any sport, so as long as there's a ball and enough people, you can usually count on me taking part in the action. 

As I'm sure you all could deduce by the picture, that's me on the right with my family. Family has a huge impact on my life, and I have been blessed with a fantastic one, both immediate and extended. Whether it's playing sports, games, cards, or just watching T.V. together, we always have a great time. I'm the youngest and only son in my family, so this has led to accusations of favourtism and spoiledness from my sisters, but I just to like to say that my Mom and Dad perfected parenting by the time I came around!

Anyways, I guess that's good enough for an introduction. Here's signing off on my first blog post.


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